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A Beautiful Form to See

short film | experimental | 2021

prod. The Festivals Company (Iris Prize), 8 mins, UK

“A Beautiful Form to See” is an inward journey into a kaleidoscopic world as experienced by a young woman overwhelmed by the beauty of her dreams. Through mirrors, shifting images and a narration, the short film draws us into her process of interfacing with reality.

Cast: Alicia Agneson​ (Vikings)

Writer/Director :   Lara Zeidan

Producers :   Grant Vidgen / John Giordano

Executive producer :    Berwyn Rowlands

Director of photography :   Piero Cioffi

Production designer :   Isabella Bruno

Editor :   Lorenzo Nera

Original music / Sound design :    Tyler Fitzmaurice

A Beautiful Form to See by Lara Zeidan poster
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